Music is our life

In the year 2010 a number of music students decided to fulfill the wish of their guru, Ustaad Inaam Ali Khan, to start a Gharana in The Netherlands.

The students were convinced of the quality and would like to share this knowledge with more people. This was the basis for the creation of the Gharana. Guru Inaam Ali Khan may well teach all age groups. He is able to quickly help a layman the way in the classical music. Until now he is the best music teacher we have met. He does have an excellent way of training his students in vocal, harmonium and tabla.

At the founding, in 2010, Holland Gharana existed of the following persons: Inaam Ali Khan, Moeed Ali Khan, Lakshman Kharagjitsing, Manish Kharagjitsing, Remie Kharagjitsing, Djaswant Kharagjitsing and Manish Dixit.

Guru Inaam Ali Khan was born in Ahmadpur East (Pakistan). As a child he was very interested in music and began his training at an early age. He received his MA in Indian / Pakistani (classical) music at a young age and continued his education in singing, harmonium and tabla at very highly regarded music teachers in Pakistan.

He followed his basic training by Ustaad Manzoor Ali Khan (Tabla), Ustaad Nabibux (Harmonium, Jaipur style) and Ustaad Faqir Mohammad (Harmonium), Dhurpadi Gharana, Kalawant of the Kingdom State of Bahawalpur. In the art of singing, he was trained by world famous musician Ustaad Salamat Ali Khan (one of the greatest singers of the Gharana Shaam Chaurasi) for 20 years. This pretty years Inaam Ali Khan has learned most of the raga styles including dhrupad, Khayal, thumri, ghazal, classical and semi classical.

During his training, he studied many ragas in classical Indian / Pakistani music and he added some new forms of ragas. In 1985 he published a book in singing and music, ‘Thath aur Mauseeqi’, for which he was graduated in 1990 with an award by the minister of culture and welfare, Mr. Amir Hussain, in Pakistan.

During and after his (follow-) courses, Guru Inaam Ali Khan worked as an artist, teacher and composer. As an artist he has performed in Pakistan, Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands. During this period he has received many awards in the above countries.

Inaam Ali Khan now lives with his family in the Netherlands and he is the Guru of the music group Holland Gharana in The Haque.